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What We Do

What We Do

Data Innovators team is passionate about helping organizations push data boundaries to create positive futures. We are experienced in testing innovative and fit-for-purpose approaches to M&E.
Digital Data Solutions

Tell your data story

Effective data collection, analysis and communication helps people see and feel the impact of your work. We bridge technology, analysis and creative design. We also hold unique skills in Social Network Analysis and Text Analysis. Specific outputs include:

  • Data analytics
  • Infographics and data visualisation
  • Dashboard development
  • Case studies, reports and various publications
  • Data management
  • ImpactBoard*
MERL Services

Measure what matters

We recognise that 1) evidence from M&E should benefit from other forms of evidence, and 2) the bridge between evidence availability and evidence use requires an explicit set of actions. Therefore, we also provide ‘Research’ and ‘Learning’ support. Our work in Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) includes:

From objective impact studies to the support and development of M&E frameworks, we optimise impact through reliable, efficient reporting. Specific outputs include:

  • Theory of Change development
  • Design and build MERL systems
  • Baseline studies
  • Process evaluations
  • Outcome evaluations
Capability Building

Improve your team's data skills

Tailormade training programmes and needs-based workshops where we work with you to engage, develop, skill and equip your own internal capacity. Specific programmes include:

  • Data Artistry*
  • MERL
  • Bespoke training & coaching
Project Implementation

Test and scale your data use

We manage initiatives to scale data skills and usage. From data-driven projects to embedding systems , we equip, coach and support the people involved to drive effective delivery. Across all projects, we see ourselves as partners; with you from ideation to impact.


ImpactBoard is a data management system that provides programmes with intelligence to achieve impact. Find out how you can simplify cumbersome tasks with an easy-to-use digital tool.

ImpactBoard is a data management solution that provides programmes with intelligence to achieve impact.

ImpactBoard has a highly flexible measurement framework and customizable dashboards for reporting. It enables programmes to implement their M&E plans and meet their reporting requirements. It is developed by practitioners for practitioners, eliminating the cumbersome tasks to give more time to providing much needs services to beneficiaries.

The ECD Registration Management Tool (RMT) is a web-based application, that is powered by ImpactBoard, to enable social services professionals track and monitor registration of ECD services across the country.

It provides a live database of registered and unregistered ECD services for ease for reference and information updates. It has a registration tracker that enables tracking of ECD services along the registration process. It also provides a digitized registration framework for ECD service assessments and compliance determination. Key insights for management and support can be seen at a glance on intuitive dashboards.

Data Artistry

Data Artistry is a skills development programme aimed and building data communication skills among development professionals.

The Data Artistry modules have been offered since 2017. It was introduced as part of the CLEAR-DETPA programme at the university of Witwatersrand, and CLEAR-Francophone Africa in Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. It has also been run in-house at organisations such as New Leaders Foundation and HE2ROs in SA, and USAID-Zimbabwe partners.

Complete Workshop Series

R 10250

per person

(US$ 715pp)

The suite of three workshops consists of 36 hours of facilitated group* learning.  The nine 4-hour sessions are conducted online.


R 3850

per person

(US$ 270pp)

Each workshop consists of 12 hours of facilitated group* learning. The three 4-hour sessions are conducted online. ​


R 48000

per person

(US$ 3340pp)

64 hours support to team on organizational data communications/ report over 3-4 months​.


R 24000

per person

(US$ 1670pp)

40 hours of ad hoc support to individual participants to improve ongoing data outputs and data skills development​.


R 15000

per person

(US$ 1045pp)

Unlimited access to 8 hours of video content lessons and additional resources for continuous improvement.​

60 Projects
Successfully completed
10 Evaluations
50 Data Visualisations
4 Data Strategies
Areas of Expertise
  • Education
  • Early childhood development
  • Health
  • Youth development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Outcome harvesting
  • Developmental evaluation
  • Tech-based intervention evaluation
  • Dashboards (PowerBi, Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc.)
  • Social network analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data storytelling
  • Visualisation
  • ImpactBoard - data management software
  • ECD Registration Management Tool
Case Studies
Data Skills Report
Applying Social Network Analysis in Evaluation
Data Comms Products for DTIC
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