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Data Skills Survey

Are you under 35 years, currently studying or a recent graduate, or someone with a data skill seeking short or long-term employment opportunities? This survey is to identify young data professionals that we will look to include in upcoming projects and to link to other companies looking for your skills.

The information you provide through this survey will be identifiable and will only be shared with organisations looking for data skills and have an approved application to access the data. There will be NO monetary exchange for this data. It will only be shared to assist in linking data professionals to potential opportunities and for us to provide aggregated data insights on the current status of data skills. Only provide information that you are comfortable with sharing for this purpose.

Data Innovator will not use this information in a manner that defames, harms or undermines you and will request that individuals/organisations accessing the data will do the same. We advise that you provide honest responses to questions asked as a way of establishing trustworthiness. We believe that this database will be very useful in bridging the gap between candidates and potential employers and will benefit both parties.