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How do I build my data communication skills?

Last week we posted a blog on the importance of Data Analysis, Viz, Presentation, and overall Communication skills as a Future skill to build today. We refer to all of these facits of data communication as Data Artistry. We promised to share some tips and resources on how you can get started with building valuable data skills.

Here you go…

1. Experiment

If you have basic MS Excel and MS Powerpoint skills, then play around with the type of charts you choose, colour and formatting. Often, the simple adjustments are quite helpful and just requires trial and error.

Here is our Data Viz Crib Notes 2018 to help you experimenting with different ways of presenting your qualitative and quantitative data.

2. Read

There are loads of published books and blogs which are good go-to resources. These are helpful in learning some of the theory and step-by-step approaches. They also share examples of different visualizations which you can use as a template or to spur on new ideas.

These are our favorite books, resources and blogs:

These books can be purchased via

3. Watch

For those who binge on You Tube videos (I am not referring to the cute animal bloopers), these are great videos to watch during your ‘at-my-desk-breaks’ to learn a new data trick each week.

4. Attend the Data Artistry Master Classes

If you require more hands-on training, and use of Africa-centric content, join the Data Artistry Master Classes. These are spread over the course of the year in three classes, so that you learn how to create unique products each time and get to choose which ones (if not ALL) suit your data audience needs. It is held in vibrant Maboneng Precinct to get the creative juices flowing. We will use real African-relevant scenarios and data sets for you to EXPERIMENT, allow access to pre-class online videos to WATCH, and share resources and guides for you share and READ after the classes.

Authors: Tania Mazonde & Jerusha Govender