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There is a gaping space in evidence informed decision-making (EIDM) in the not-for-profit sector, government and other social development organizations....

“We have achieved 60% of our target (60 of 100 individuals trained) and are on track with our activities” “We...

Organisational learning is a process of detecting and correcting error and is a component of adaptive capacity and organisational effectiveness...

Good stories hook us in, capturing our imaginations, emotionally engaging and entertaining us with suspense, humour and interesting characters. Our innate love of stories and their ability to cut through barriers, makes them a highly effective way to communicate the impact of your development project with others.

Developing a clear Theory of Change (TOC) – ideally at the onset of a project – is critical to achieving...

Our key development audiences are quite saturated with lengthy report reading…so lengthy reports are simply not as useful to stakeholders...

We are living in the age of Big Data. Your social development stakeholders are probably being bombarded with datasets, databases,  and...

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