Data communication skills blog 2

Last week promised to share some tips and resources on how you can get started with building valuable data skills. Happy Data Learning!

Analyst Working on Laptop

We are currently living in the “fourth industrial revolution”.  According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), it’s defined as the...

Infographics blog

Data viz of key word ranking and trends from South African #SONAs 1994-2018

stocksnap_fy58o0p400 (Demo)

Check out Jerusha's Vlog on her top 5 take-aways from MERLTech 2017, including where to find volunteer Data Scientists, and who's been using Blockchain in M&E.

swrrec0k3-2a (Demo)

When you first look at the image below, what do you see? A duck? A rabbit maybe? Or neither? Source...

Data artistry save the date 1

We are launching the first Inner-city retreat of its kind. Data meets fun, and play meets learning. Follow us to stay informed on the the upcoming retreat. 13-15 & 16-17 Nov 2017.

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In the organizational development space dashboard has become a recent buzz word. Every organization wants one ─ needs one ─ to monitor their key activities, to make decisions and to demonstrate progress. However developing a dashboard, selecting the key elements to monitor, and determining how to visualize them is often a challenging process.

Data Innovator 2 year anniversary 1

At Data Innovator we are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary! It has been an interesting two years to say the least....

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